Motorola Renew Review

The Motorola Renew is one of the first carbon neutral mobile phones in the world. It looks decent enough, although it does have a cheap-feel about it.

The Renew is very light at just 83 grams, and measures 111 mm (height) x 45 mm (width) x 14.7 mm. The casing is made from plastic that came from recycled water bottles, with any and all other materials being used to make it, being 100% recycled. The screen is tiny, being just 1.44 inches, when the standard we have come to expect from modern day mobiles being 2.4 inches. There is a navigational pad and a few keys just beneath the screen, and then you get the keypad. The keys are well separate fro each other and this allows fast typing as the likelihood of hitting more than 1 key at the same time if greatly diminished.

Motorola have included a music player that also has an FM Radio. There is 2GB of internal memory which is fairly large and will hold a fair share of songs. The camera, well, there actually is no camera. This is the first new phone we have come across, with no camera, but camera’s (and the associated lens and hardware) are not very environmental.

You will find the basic applications on the Renew such as calendar, calculator and a personal organiser. However the Renew also has CrystalTalk, which reduces back ground noise substantially making it easier to talk and listen, and has TMobile MyFaves, which lets you call up to 5 of your contacts (which you need to make into favourites) for free. Internet connectivity is also very slow and basic, with just GPRS, so this is most likely not something that will be used often at all.

In summary, the Motorola Renew does have a rather low spec. However, it does not set out to be the next smart phone, but rather to be as carbon neutral as possible.