Motorola Droid Cell Phone

Unlike many companies with Android phones in their product range, Motorola has decided to skip plastic phone choices due to the low quality this material guarantees. However, designers had been determined to go one step further and produce an even slimmer cellular phone. Motorola Droid is only 13.7 mm thick, and it still consists of a complete QWERTY keyboard even though it is so slim. This is a large plus! Contemporary, classy style guarantees that real trendsetters and fashionistas will definitely buy this particular cellular phone. Motorola Droid is most certainly not a heavy phone, but it’s not the slimmest version as well. This is because very easy – it has to be weighty to appear and feel more premium and to fit much better in user’s hand.

One more really brave step in terms of style was the usage of gold decal. This golden surface became really popular when it was launched few years ago, as part of the limited edition Dolce and Gabbana Razr Motorola. On this specific model – Motorola Droid, this golden decal looks completely different: it is not high fashion meets kitsch anymore; this cell phone has a very trendy 80’s retro glam touch, and that is what young consumers find really charming nowadays.

Motorola Droid is really a phone which presented new, groundbreaking style to cellular phone lovers throughout the world. Up until now, T-Mobile G1 and Apple I-Phone 3GS had been most well-liked so called “design phones”. These 2 models had been instantly recognized among trendsetters worldwide, once they were launched, but now, once Motorola Droid was unveiled – it officially became important cellular phone for all design lovers, and fans of hi tech design.

Let us be clear, Motorola Droid is not just another beautifully created cellular phone. It had been recognized as the best and most dependable Android phone in the market, right now. Droid consists of the newest Android version (well-liked 2.) and it features a lovely, modern day looking screen (3.7 inches). Motorola’s design team created a user friendly handset, that is quite fundamental, and consists of four buttons which are totally “touch-sensitive”. Buttons are also very well designed, and they look like little hieroglyphs – really a lot eye catching, indeed.

Motorola Droid is very easy to manage and that is a very positive thing. As we have currently mentioned, the keyboard is QWERTY, and its buttons are adequately sized and simple to manage, which helps Droid users type messages and dial numbers easily.

One more premium detail on this cellular phone is the slider, so if you’re a true internet fan and dedicated user, you will discover Droid touch screen really amazing. Also, the D-pad is included, and that makes text editing a lot simpler.

Externally, Motorola Droid has a headphone jack, that is big sufficient (3.5 mm) and on the correct side – the power/lock button. The design, which is modern and different, is the reason why this cell phone various and unique. Trendsetters, who choose contemporary style, will certainly be thrilled to purchase this phone, but it might be too edgy for users with slightly much more conventional taste.

Nevertheless, should you choose a touch of gold, modern day clean lines and minimalistic, yet, eye catching design, Motorola Droid will be a perfect phone for you.