Lead Generation through Cell Phones

Cell phones are personal, immediate and effective. All three adjectives are useful for the call center units that want to get in touch with their consumers through their cell phones. The process of lead generation through cell phones is not very different from what is usually done through land phones. There are some separate aspects of telemarketing that you have to do because the cell phones are intimate in terms of being a medium. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of this factor. Cell phones also allow the BPO unit to think of marketing their products/services through text messages. In this article we shall look at all the facets of using cell phones as the medium of sales lead generation.

To begin telemarketing operations through cell phones, check the numbers on your database against the Do Not Call (DNC) list of the area. If you find some numbers to be registered with the DNC, delete them from your call list. The last thing you want is to violate telecom laws and get a fine imposed on your call center! It’s not a wise idea to send text messages to these registered numbers as well, if you go by the new laws formulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The law forbids call center services from using cell phones for text marketing if they happen to be registered. After you have done the data cleansing bit, your outbound call center agents are ready to make the calls.

Because cell phones are personal and there are higher chances of the receiver taking the call, steer clear of automated lead generation calls. You may use a predictive dialing system to save time, but robotic calls are not just in the frame. Similarly, the person you are calling can be anywhere: on the way, in a meeting, carrying shopping bags or just about anything. The outbound call center guys have to rework their introduction protocol and make it suitable for cell phone communication. Always get them to ask if it’s the right time to talk. And when you do get the permission, go to the main point straightway. If you talk about irrelevant stuff, the receiver loses interest and you lose a potentially interested consumer. Such tactics jeopardize the sales lead generation process.

Let’s talk about the texting part now. Several call centers use text messages to put forward their products/services. The advantage of using SMS as the vehicle of lead generation is that users have little option but to read them before they hit ‘delete’. Most cell phones will not allow users to delete a message before they open it, as opposed to emails. The writers at the BPO who draft the message to be sent as text messages can do smart work and grab the user’s interest. There are a few seconds at the writer’s disposal when the user opens the text. If the writing can arouse the user’s interest, they read the whole text. This psychology and part technological advantage can be used by the telemarketing companies.