DECT phones – New age cordless phones

The most drastic changes in the world of communication were seen when the telephones came in to existence. The features in the telephones were almost nil when they came. Earlier version just had a dial to dial the number while the receiver was used to hear calls and the microphone was used to talk. The wires were dangling here and there with the handset. The distance of communication was also very less. All these problems were solved when the cordless phones were invented. They provided a new dimension to the telephone world. Among them the most popular ones are the DECT phones.

These phones practically solved all the previous problems. The new handsets are very stylish. The design is kept sleek and simple with fashionable design patterns made here and there. The technologically advanced handsets now have a large number of features. The only difference in the cordless phones and the basic landline phones is the wire. The latest phones do not have the concept of wires dangling here and there. The new phones have increased the range of distance in between the base station and the handset. With a more powerful receiver in the handset the handset can receive signals from ma great distance. The base station has a very powerful transmitter so that it can send discrete signals of high accuracy to a very large area.

The new DECT phones are also blessed with the large colored display screen. It was previously seen that the handset had no display or had a single line monochromatic screen. This was not sufficient. So the new versions are provided with a six or more line colored display that can show all the major details. While incoming calls comes, you can see the name of the caller form the phonebook, the number of the caller, the photo of the caller from the phonebook, the call duration, current time, number of calls in waiting and much more. The phonebook itself is a very classic approach to solve many problems regarding storing numbers. The phone books are very large sized with the option of having store, the full name, primary number, secondary number, photo, age, birth date, email id, address and many more additional details about the person.

The new DECT phones have a better battery backup. This is possible by having a more powerful battery and a better charging unit. The talk time is kept quite high so that you can talk for real long hours.