Compare No Contract Cell Phone Plans

If you do not want to be trapped in an annual cell phone contract, but you do not have a problem with paying a fixed monthly fee for your wireless services, a no contract cell phone plan is just what you are looking for. In this post I compare the details of four no contract cell phone plans. You will find information on the available plans, costs per minute and the range of cell phones.


Cricket offers unlimited no contract cell phone plans for individuals and families. The cheapest individual plan costs $ 30/month for local calling only. If you want to add unlimited long distance talk and texting to this you will pay $ 35/month. Unlimited family plans start at $ 99/month for 3 lines. The phone range includes Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and Kyocera phones. The catalogue also contains 2 full QWERTY keyboard cellphones.

Net 10

This carrier offers 4 different no contract wireless phone plans. The plans include local, national long distance and national roaming calls and texting. Monthly plans available (cost per minute-$ 0.10) cost: $ 15/month for 150 minutes, $ 25/month for 250 minutes and $ 400/month for 400 minutes. You could also opt for the unlimited plan for local and long distance and national roaming calls and texting for $ 79.98/month. The product range includes mostly LG, Motorola, Kyocera and Nokia phones.


AT&T offers 5 calling plans from $ 29.99/month for 200 minutes ($ 0.15/minute) to $ 69.99/month for 650 minutes. There are no added national long distance or national roaming charges. The product range includes around 20 phones by Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. A full QWERTY keyboard cell phone can also be found in this carrier’s product range.

Consumer Cellular

This service providers offers 6 different no contract cell phone plans to choose from. The cheapest plan is $ 10/month and does not include any minutes. Calls you make are charged at $ 0.25/minute. This plan is the best choice if you only have a cell phone for sporadic use. The other plans go from $ 20/month for 200 minutes ($ 0.10/minute) to $ 60/month for 1600 minutes (less than 4 cents/minute). Family plans are available at an additional $ 10/month fee for every line. The phone range includes Motorola and Nokia cell phones.

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