Cell Phones For Kids And Kids Security

The greatest fear for any parent is the safety and security of their kids. If it would be permitted, they wouldnt want to let them out of their sight. Unfortunately, we cant monitor our kids 24/7 no matter how hard we try. There are times that they have to be away – school, a baseball game, a field trip, or just going out with the friends. And at the same time, we also have other responsibilities such as work, household, and other things that we need to watch over to. Fortunately, modern technology has given us the solution to this problem; with the use of the typical prepaid cell phones, we can now monitor our kids wherever they are or wherever we are.

Keeping In Touch

With the advent of high-tech equipments and gadgets, we can stay connected with just about anyone at any place at any given time. This is especially true for the cell phones since we can use them to call our loved ones at any time and check up on them. Even if we cant call there is SMS or text messaging that allows us to keep in touch with them. We can ask where they are, who theyre with, and what time they might be coming home. This way, we can monitor our kids to see if they are alright.

But if theres an Emergency?

Another advantage of buying cell phones for kids is that they can also contact you during emergency situations. For example, your kids went out to play outside and you werent able to accompany them. If something could happen to themanything ranging from a bloody nose, a sprained ankle, to forgetting their lunch money on the countertopthey can contact you right away and inform you about it. This is particularly helpful if for example your kids are going out of town on a camping trip and something happens to them that requires your prompt attention. If your kid gets lost in the woods and he has a cell phone, he can call you or someone close to him and ask for help.

Emergency SOS Feature

However, for real life-threatening situations, it is reassuring to know that there is a way for your kid to ask for help with just a push of a button. The Just5 Cell phone has an Emergency SOS Feature which activates a set of 5 preprogrammed numbers. When the emergency SOS button is pressed, an urgent message will be sent to all 5 numbers and proceeds to dial them one at a time until the connection is made. While dialing, the cell phone itself will sound a loud siren noise to attract attention of people around. Once someone answers the call, the Just5 phone automatically switches to speaker mode in case the phone has been dropped or your kid is unable to hold it. This is truly a remarkable feature that can help save the lives of your kids and immediately notify you and other members of your family when an emergency situation arises.

When Is It Necessary?

Perhaps the biggest question you are asking yourself as a parent is when is it the right time to give your kids a pre – paid cell phone? It all actually depends on the situation. Tweens and teenagers are practically glued to their cell phones so it is highly advisable that they already have phones by this time. For school aged children, it would be best to buy them a non-complicated kid’s cell phone with the best emergency features. And remember – it’s for your own peace of mind!