Cell Phone Plan Special

When is a Cell Phone Plan Special Really Special?

We are all inundated with ads that exclaim “Get your Cell Phone Plan Special Deal from Us!” whichever company “Us” happens to be. But are they really special deals? Well, while advertisers do not tell outright lies, they are masters at bending the truth, so the answer is “Not necessarily.” They probably are not the cheapest from every consumer’s point of view. Here are some of the reasons why.

If one company is selling their plan for $ 49.99 a month while another is selling theirs at $ 59.99 a month, the first company can brag about having “the best cell phone plan special” as compared to the monthly charge of the second company. However, the second company might charge only 19 cents a minute for calls within a certain range while the first charges 33 cents. Sure, both companies will give a certain number of “free” minutes a month, but those extra minutes really add up. The one whose “cell phone plan special” does not discount the extra minutes will not be the best deal for a frequent phone user. At a difference of 14 cents a minute, it only takes an hour and a half a month or 3 minutes per day to bump up a monthly charge by $ 12.60. Even at this very conservative estimate, the fifty dollar plan now costs over $ 62.00.

Now who has the best cell phone plan special? Let’s look at another possible offer. A wireless provider may offer very cheap phones as part of their deal. Another provider might charge $ 60 for the phone, but offer cheaper calling time. When you analyze it, you may discover that within six months, your cheaper initial outlay becomes more expensive than if you had forked over the sixty bucks for the more expensive sounding cell phone plan special in the first place.

Do you see the trend in the numbers here? Each cell phone plan special deal is geared towards a certain kind of customer. A special contract plan from one company that includes a great deal on a phone, but limited free minutes per month may be perfect for the casual user who only makes a few calls a day. On the other hand, an unlimited deal might be the best deal for a frequent phone user.

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